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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Adam and Antony Murphy's Imaginears Animation Studio demands $10,000,000 in damages.

On 04/25/14  I received a letter from a solicitor hired by Adam and Antony Murphy, claiming that the twins reputation suffered irreparable damage as a consequence to my “campaign of defamation” and demanding not less than $10,000,000 (ten million dollars) in damages in order to offset their financial losses.

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The letter claims that the twins are entirely responsibly for the idea, designs and storyboards for a short film that they attempted to crowd-fund through kick-starter in 2013 and that my designs and storyboards are unauthorized reproductions of their work.
These new claims directly contradict their previous statements affirming that I was  a former employee of theirs (which I never was).
a9e9f-abusive_commentsThese new claims also contradict other statements the twins made, where they admitted that we were working together to create the story and designs (I wasn’t working for them, though, I was mentoring them FOR FREE and at their own request).
These new claims also contradict their own previous admission from October 25th 2013 that I was responsible for the original story.
In addition to that, their claims of being solely responsible for the original design and storyboards  could be met by skepticism since in September of 2012 they admitted of never have studied film-making and as of February 2013, they still admitted of only being able to draw stick figures.
I also have evidence to support their claims, the evidence being assignments they turned in during the time I was still mentoring them, in October of 2012.
A drawing assignment the twins turned in October of 2012, while I was still mentoring them.
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