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Born in Milan, Italy, he moved to the U.S. in order to study animation at Ringling College of Art and Design. After a brief experience in Pixar and Dreamworks he graduated and started working at Blue Sky Animation Studios where he currently helps making movies. He is often found doodling or otherwise painting.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Simple Animation Test

Here's a quick animation test me and Brendan worked on..

I was responsible for the animation on Ragu'(the kid) and the Lighting & Compositing.
Brendan animated Bobo (the monkey) and Joe.


Kevin Lu said...

this is really awesome man, I'm excited to see the final film. Keep on rockin!

Michael Yates said...

kinda hard to understand ragu, but pretty cool animation

dyanna said...

Your blog is really interesting.I like it.I'm waiting for your new post.
Have a nice day.

Ajit Singh Yadav said...

"Awesome work"

how about tutorial on facial and body rigging to ?

Liron Topaz said...

Goooo Team Europe! Way to go guys. Really fantastic work! Cloth needs tweaking, but its going to be simply great. The monkey is very cute, I would play more with his monkeyness.. more neurotic and spontaneous in his behavior, esp the tail should move fast and hold. The lighting.. well.. you already know ;) Keep it up


i like it but the facial expresion of the kid at the biggining is not believable, the monkey has better facial expresions, ask yourself does this character look like is thinking in something?
can you imitate this human emotions,
and can you make movements so you can actually show sombody thinking inside that head?
try pushing the play button with the sound off, and you wil see that they liek marionates intead of real breathing characters.